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Also, all Opals including doublets, are natural and have not been heat treated or enhanced in any way.

Image of item G29a of solid opals from online shop

Item #G29a

Item # G29

This stunning OPAL is so very unusual as this stone can project an astounding color change. It will show wonderful and warm red, gold, and bronze colors, but when angled slightly differently, this opal will instantly display bright, emerald green colours, with soft touches of royal blue.

This opal originally was about twice in size, but our third generation German opal cutter, originally from Idar-Oberstein, spent several weeks gently hand shaping and contour cutting this extremely rare and beautiful opal to bring it to its maximum potential.

Image of item G29a of solid opals from online shop

Item #G29b

It was an agonizingly slow and painful experience for all of us, but finished with a joyous burst of colors, the memory of which will be treasured and revered forever by all who see this magical Opal.

This Opal will go to a collector and connoisseur for whom only the best will do.

AU: $100,000