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All SOLID OPAL will be sent with FREE SHIPPING and INSURANCE, both Overseas and within Australia. Included with the SOLID OPAL will be a Certificate of Authenticity/ Valuation. For any currency conversions, Please use the converter located at the bottom of the page. All photos and videos have not been doctored or altered and are the direct representation of the Jewellery or Opal

Also, all Opals including doublets, are natural and have not been heat treated or enhanced in any way.

Image of item G25 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G25

Item # G25

The "MADONNA AND CHILD" carved in quality solid Opal.

32.5 x 22.6x 12.8 mm

Beautifully carved Solid Opal of "Madonna & Child" shows vibrant red/orange as well as soft blue and green colors over the face of the opal. This Opal glows even out of the direct light, and radiates in it.

The simplicity of the carving makes it such an attractive collector's item, where it can be kept in a vault or be worn as a pendant or brooch. At this stage the carving has a heavy natural opal base, 12.8 mm thick. This enables the owner to keep the carving as a collector's item, or else we can trim some of the back away, should the owner want to have it made into a pendant or brooch.

Introductory offer AUD: $5,000


Image of item G26 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G26

Item # G26

The "Pacifica" Opal Carving.

72.5 x 45 x 12.30 mm - 175 carats.

Lightning Ridge Solid Black Opal.

The "Pacifica" stone is a large hand sized opal dominated on its face by brilliant blue and green colors, mixed with subtle gold and orange. Out of the light or under it, the "Pacifica" stone displays strong colors. It is the sort of artwork Picasso was famous for. You can have this simulated Picasso art work for your own collection.

Introductory offer AUD: $15,500


Image of item G27 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G27

Item # G27

Gem Quality Lightning Ridge Black Opal.

10.30 x  8.83 x 5.10 mm - 2.83 carats.


This stunning, top quality gem is one of the rare "nobby opal" types that stand out because of the sharpness of color play and the stunningly bright pattern.

This opal has a clean Black natural back. All in all, this is the type of opal that is eminently collectible to be kept forever, either in jewellery or as investment. The size of the stone is ideal for setting either in a ring or as pendant. The colours are displayed in a broad rolling flash that moves over the whole face of the opal when moved.

Introductory offer AUD: $7,940