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All SOLID OPAL will be sent with FREE SHIPPING and INSURANCE, both Overseas and within Australia. Included with the SOLID OPAL will be a Certificate of Authenticity/ Valuation. For any currency conversions, Please use the converter located at the bottom of the page. All photos and videos have not been doctored or altered and are the direct representation of the Jewellery or Opal

Also, all Opals including doublets, are natural and have not been heat treated or enhanced in any way.

Image of item G4 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G4

Item # G4

24.01 x 15.90 x 5.10 mm - 12.28 carats. Ideal pendant shape.

Lightning Ridge solid Black Opal.

An extremely bright and colorful country garden pattern...combining all the colors possible. This Opal rates five out of five for brightness and simply radiates color in any light. It absolutely glows with even the smallest movement. Literally takes your breath away. Quite irreplaceable, even on the field.

Introductory offer $8,950 - Currency Converter

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Image of item G5 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G5

Item # G5

33.20 x 26.62 x 4.17 mm - 24.58 carats. Oval shape.

Lightning Ridge Solid Opal.

This is an exclusive Opal because of its extremely rare genuine Harlequin pattern. All the colours flow gently throughout the square pattern of this rare stone with even the smallest movement. It will set beautifully into either a simple gold or platinum setting, or else into a large and bold setting to show off its size. A rare and stunning item.

The stone is reasonably thin, ideal for a pendant as its weight will not brake the gold chain. The back of the stone is quite dark with some superficial opal clay inclusions. These could easily be removed, but they are proof that this stunning Harlequin pattern Opal is a genuine natural stone.

In my 40 years on the field I have seen only a handful of genuine harlequin patterned Opal, and this is one of them. An irreplaceable collector's item. We are proud to have two more available under item numbers g 7 and g 11. All three opals are many years old and have formed the basis of our private collection.

Introductory offer AU: $14,950

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Image of item G6 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G6

Item # G6

24.55 x 16.65 x 5.33 mm - 13.13 carats. Oval shaped.

Lightning Ridge Black Crystal Opal.

Predominantly a red (80%) stone with touches of purple, blue and green completing this stunning galaxy pattern. A gentle color range is flashing over the mostly red face stone‚...The colors run all the way through the opal to the back where they cover about 90% of the stone, with the exception of a small opal clay inclusion and a very small area of natural black opal backing‚... Exquisite!

Introductory offer AU: $3,950

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