Our Free Services

Free entertaining and informative Opal TALKS are provided for all visitors, to ensure they are aware of the different types of opals available in town, and to ensure they can recognize, and differentiate between Solid opals, Doublets and Triplets.

Image of Herman demonstrating opal cutting

Herman opal cutting

This is done for the protection of both, the tourists and the opal sellers in town alike.

Free Opal Cutting demonstrations may be provided for groups to ensure they are informed of the intricacies and difficulties involved in bringing out the best colours and shapes of our rare and elusive Opal.

Image of tour buses in front of the Opal Cave

Free tour guides

Free tour guides for coaches are provided to all Coach Companies to encourage them to visit our Shire. This Service is greatly appreciated by the Coach Companies as it enables them a better and more comprehensive view of Lightning Ridge and surrounding area. Our tour guides are reputed to be the most informative and entertaining in the industry.


Image of CountryLink and Greyhound logos

NSW and QLD Coach Services

Free CountryLink, State Rail, and all Coach COMPANY Bookings:

This is one of the more important Services able to be provided by any business in the Shire as it enables residents and visitors to obtain all their travel tickets on the spot, 7 days per week.


We make all the bookings not only for CountryLink Bus and Rail services, but also for the other Coach Companies, such as Greyhound, Kynoch, Sid Fogg, etc., All services Drop/Pickup convieniently from the Bus Stop located at the front of the Opal Cave.