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Solid Opal

Solid Opals

Australian opals are the finest opals in the world. When the band of colour occur naturally on top of a band of "potch" which intensifies the array of colours in the precious gem, when polished in one single piece, are called "Solid Australian Opal". These make exquisite jewellery pieces which are sought after by the individuals who appreciates high quality in jewellery and gem stones. Our selection of solid opals are second to none, and carefully selected by our experts direct from the opal mines around Australia. You must experience the beauty of this truly sensational gem. You will not be dissapointed.

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Where the exquisite colours of Australian Opal are found in thin bands without a base of "potch" to intensify the natural patterns of colours as in a solid opal, a backing piece is cemented together with the precious opal. This produces a gem with the magnificent patterns of colours intensified as a solid opal without the cost of the naturally occuring solid gem. Our selection of doublets are second to none, and carefully selected by our experts direct from the opal mines around Australia. An affordable option to wear a beautiful piece of Australian Opal.

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Fine Jewellery


Our extensive selection of jewellery can be seen here. We create our pieces with the best quality opal, by our own jewellery designers. We customise jewellery to suit all occasions and individuals. Our range of jewellery on display is second to none in the Australian Opal industry. Many of our jewellery pieces are award winning examples of exquisite Australian Opals. Enjoy this display of our extensive range of this wonderful gem encapsulated into exquisite jewellery pieces treasured by many already.

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This vivid blue and blue-purple gem crystal was mined by Black African miners in "Block-D", Mererani, Tanzania. The deep colour of this precious stone makes it very sought after and treasured. A rare opportunity exists here to purchase such a collectors item. Having brought it back ourselves from Tanzania, this is a genuine offer for the interested individual.

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Books and Souvenirs

Our selection of books and souvenirs will not disappoint. Local artists and story-tellers offer, fictional and non-fictional accounts of facinating events documented to entertain and educate readers. Outstanding illustrations and photography gives us an insight into the opal industry, it's history and adventures. Many items in our selection are collectors items of amazing beauty.