Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia

The small township of Lightning Ridge is located about 750 km northwest of Sydney and approx. 750 km southwest of Brisbane. The roads are tar sealed all the way into and throughout the town.

Coming from southern directions you'll be able to stop over in Dubbo and visit the famous Western Plains Zoo, etc. Lightning Ridge is a mere 4 hours drive away, due north.

When arriving from the NSW or the Queensland coastal directions, you need to aim for Moree as the "almost there" point. Lightning Ridge is a mere 2 ½ hours drive away. When reaching Collarenebri, please head towards Walgett and from there to the Ridge.

That road is in good condition and sealed all the way. Your Navigation device will want you to take the shorter route from Collarenebri. That road is dirt and at times too rough.

Image of the Opal Cave shop at Lightning Ridge

If you are not driving, you can take the CountryLink Train/Bus right into the centre of town, or else come here from Queensland via Greyhound/Kynoch Bus.

These are all extremely comfortable rides. For information about days and times of arrival and departure, and for your Credit Card bookings phone the Opal Cave, 0268 290 333, or email us.

Lightning Ridge is the home of the world famous Black Opal - It is the largest deposit of Black Opal in the world. Opal is Australia's National Gemstone.

It's also an ideal spot for the modern day explorer who wants to experience the ways of the old time miners and pioneers.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by the instant sense of freedom from conventionality and big smoke pressures.

Lightning Ridge is the ideal relaxing family holiday destination all year round. Daytime winter temperatures are a beautiful 12-25°C, with hot soaks in the therapeutic natural Artesian Bore Baths a definite must do, and summer fun times available in the 5 Star Olympic Swimming Pool and Water Theme Park. Many of Australia's top swimming sensations such as Dawney Fraser, etc., having had a great time here.

Our summer heat is equal to the Coast's, but ours is a dry heat without the oppressive humidity.

Experience Lightning Ridge, home of Black Opal. It is still possible to find your own fortune, while visiting here. Have the opal cut and polished, and made into a hand crafted piece of elegant jewellery during your stay.

Experience Bird Watching...Look for more than 160 bird species, including Red Tailed Black Cockatoos, Wedge Tailed Eagles, sulphur crested cockatoos, etc.

Experience and enjoy a healing Lightning Ridge, in our hot artesian baths. For centuries people in Europe have had to pay big money to soak in therapeutic hot artesian baths. At Lightning Ridge you can experience it FOR FREE, 24 hours a day, in natural, undiluted and unfiltered healing artesian water.

Come here to relax and regenerate your mental and physical strength while you enjoy the fun filled days and evenings....