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Also, all Opals including doublets, are natural and have not been heat treated or enhanced in any way.

Image of item G10 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G10

Item # G10

42.35 x 23.39 x 8.07 mm - 66 carats. Very large Pendant shaped stone.

Large Lightning Ridge Solid Opal.

Over 20 years old. Part of our collection. A very large stone with a tightly packed color combination pattern, showing mostly that fiery red color mixed with greens and blues. A big opal, with some royal blue color showing in the back of the stone.

Introductory offer AUD: $10,950 - Currency Converter

Product code:ttav

Image of item G11 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G11

Item # G11

38.57 x 25.98 x 3.64 mm - 21.86 carats. Genuine HARLEQUIN pattern.

Lightning Ridge Solid Crystal Opal.

Free shaped pendant stone with a large spread of rare square pattern of rich pastel colors. Red, gold, green, blue and purple colors are evenly distributed to complete this rare beauty. This is the third, and last of our HARLEQUIN collection. We are reluctant to part with it.

Introductory offer AU: $5,950 US: $4,100 - Currency Converter

Product code:tccvg

Image of item G12 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G12

Item # G12

34.76 x 21.56 x 5.21 mm - 29.61 carats. Large, inexpensive oval shaped stone.

Mintabie Solid semi-black Opal.

A quite bright oval shaped pendant or brooch stone with all the lighter shades of soft green and gold, with a broad light shroud of yellow and orange across part of its' face‚..The colours are displayed in a mossy, or grassy pattern. Also, the back of the stone shows a shallow range of opal clay inclusions so typical of Mintabie opal.

Introductory offer AU: $1,290 - Currency Converter

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