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Also, all Opals including doublets, are natural and have not been heat treated or enhanced in any way.

Image of item G18 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G18

Item # G18

42.81 x 23.95 x 5.20 mm - 30.77 carats. Large oval shape.

Very large Lightning Ridge semi-black opal.

Ideal pendant stone in the softer pastel palette of the broad green and purple color play.
This is a very large but gentle stone, not at all intrusive. It will make a lucky lady very happy.

Introductory offer AUD: $2,490 (because it is so big)


Image of item G20 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G20

Item # G20

14.19 x 12.70 x 7.05 mm - 7.44 carats. Extremely rare Redfire Solid Opal.

Lightning Ridge Black Crystal Opal.

Again that exclusive red dominates this extraordinary gem opal with rolling flashes across its face and subtle touches of green blue and gold‚..a very rare 'nobby' opal and difficult to replace. This is the sort of stone the very wealthy put into their collection to ensure their family investment. keeps its value.

Introductory offer AUD: $9,490 (1275 per ct)


Image of item G21 of solid opals from online shop

Item #G21

Item # G21

36.49 x 30.35 x 8.15 mm - 36.26 carats. Rare Opal Carving.

Lightning Ridge Black Crystal Opal.

Free form carving of blue and green colored Black Crystal Opal, simulating a Picasoo-esce 'flower and bird' combination in a lovely crystal specimen. Ready to be set as a unique pendant or set into a spectacular brooch.

Introductory offer AUD: $3,490