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Image of item B10 of books from online shop

Item #B10

Item # B10

Home of the Black Opal - Clare R Cuming

Amazing drawings of the sights of Lightning Ridge. Each picture is a replication of hand drawn illustrations that show the beauty of the Ridge. A definite keepsake.

AUD: $10


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Item #B11

Item # B11

Jargodin "The Moonlighter" - Jim Ranie

This 'Great Australian Novel' was written by a friend of ours. At the time of writing the author, Jim Ranie lived under a truck tarpaulin on the opal fields of Mintabie, together with his companions, namely a couple of Doberman dogs called Taj and Mahal.

Things were so tough that some days Jim had to make do with a tin of spaghetti Bolonaise which he divided into three parts: one third for himself, a third for Taj and a third for Mahal.

Jim had no electricity, no computer, no spell checker, no help, so he typed the book on a very old portable typewriter, letter by painstaking letter. Naturally, he could not find anybody to publish the book for him, so he finally decided to self-publish the book sinking every last penny he had into the project.

This book has been so incredibly popular that only a few copies are available, anywhere. and now Jim has sold the film rights to the book.

AUD: $12


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Item #B12

Item # B12

Black Opal Fossils of Lightning Ridge - Elizabeth Smith

Foreword by Tim Flannery

This book is the first in-depth account of these black opal fossils, natural treasures of critical scientific value. It also shows how opals are formed in such manner and provides Detailed and Beautiful pictures on each page.

AUD: $45