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Image of item B7 of books from online shop

Item #B7

Item # B7

The Year Of The Eagle - Grahame McMahon

Richard Legend lives on a drought-stricken sheep station near the tiny village of Mountain Well in outback Australia. His friend, Billy Fegredo lives in a cave after running away from home. The boys face danger when they travel to the black opal mining town of Lightning Ridge to stay with Billy's father. There they meet three aboriginal boys and together they become caught up in a web of fear and danger as they confront opal thieves. Billy is kidnapped and in a gripping race against time his friends set out to rescue him.

This is a story of tragedy and danger, challenge and fear. It touches on family relationships, near death experience, organ donation, opal mining and friendship, all played out on the stage of the great Australian outback.

AUD: $29

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Item #B8

Item # B8

What am I good at? - Joanne Hackett

Illustrations by John Murray

A delightful children's book about a young Emu finding his place in the world. Kids will love to read these books and cherish the detailed Illustrations by world renown artist John Murray.

AUD: $19.95


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Item #B9

Item # B9

Black Opal, a comprehensive guide - Greg Pardey

Limited Edition - Collectors item

The most detailed and useful book about Black Opal! All 204 Pages are filled with information on cutting, orientating and evaluating Black Opal.

A must own book for any Opal Enthusiast.

AUD: $70