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Image of item B4 of books from online shop

Item #B4

Item # B4

Beautiful Yowah Opal - Len Cram

Learn all about the beautiful opal fields in Queensland, Australia. With detailed pictures and descriptions of Boulder Opal and the various other opal found at the fields of Koroit and Yowah.

AUD: $10


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Item #B5

Item # B5

Lightning Ridge Souvenir Book - Len Cram

A 16 page book filled with amazing photos of Lightning Ridge, opal and the opal fields that are located there. A perfect gift or keepsake.

AUD: $2


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Item #B6

Item # B6

The Wonders Of Fossicking & Exploring the Australian Opal Fields - Len Cram

With beautifully detailed photos by Len Cram, this book covers major opal fields in Australia.

AUD: $9.95