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Item #JE31

Item # JE31

Large Solid Black Opal in an 18k gold and Diamond Pendant.

The Opal measures approx. 31.35 x 20.41 mm.

The overall measurements of the Pendant are 47.91 x 28.22 mm.

This pendant did not photograph well as the camera has difficulty showing the soft and subtle red/pink and gold colours, mixed with touches of emerald green and some blue.

The back of the pendant is fully enclosed in 18k gold to ensure a smooth movement over the skin or clothes of the wearer.

The 6 large Diamonds are of guaranteed 'Conflict Free Origin', and weigh a total of .60ctw. This Pendant is designed to impress.

Introductory offer AU: $14,950


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Item #JE32b

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Item #JE32a

Item # JE32

Tanzanite and Diamond 'Unisex' ring.

We brought back this lovely Tanzanite from Mererani where it was mined on the famous "Block D" by the Black African miners, while we were visiting there.

The stone weighs approx. 13.5ctw. and measure approx. 14.34 x 12.91 mm. We designed the setting and had it made by our Master Goldsmith to fit Sandy's ring finger or Herman's pinky finger.

We channel set 60 diamonds in vertical rows to make this one of the most unusual pieces of jewellery ever to be seen, anywhere. It is difficult to put a price on this item. We have included the ring on this website to endeavor to make this a site of class and important items.

To reluctantly part with it...

AU: $28,000, US: $18,760

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Item #JE32d

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Item #JE32c