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Image of item JE28a of Jewellery from  the online shop

Item #JE28a

Item # JE28

18k Pendant with a top quality Solid Black Opal and Diamonds.

This is one of the most unusual pieces of jewellery we have ever made. When mining underground with a candle and pick you strike opal by actually doing just that. You 'strike' the stone with your pick as it sits there within the opal clay. You damage half the opal you find. Herman hit this opal with a sharp pick, separating two small pieces off the larger opal. Instead of shaping the opal into much smaller stones, we recreated the size of the original opal by placing a row of diamonds and a band of gold between the pieces, thus preserving the integrity of the original Opal.

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Item #JE28b

Again, the camera does not do justice to the bright red, gold and orange colour play of the opal, displayed in a rolling flash pattern. There are also strong blue and green colors visible. The Opal, including the row of diamonds measures approx. 22.35 x 12.97 x 3.68 mm.

The overall measurements of the Pendant are 39.81 x 20.03 mm.

The pendant is handcrafted with a wide gold skirt surrounding the opal for support. There are a total of 14 x .05 GHSI diamonds placed in the bale and the line separating the opal.

Introductory offer AUD: $12,500


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Item #JE29a

Item # JE29

Crystal Opal of outstanding size and quality in 18k and Diamonds as Brooch and Pendant.

This stunning Crystal Opal has even better colour on the rear side than the face. Herman is really mad at the Master Goldsmith for having set the Opal in reverse. "Failure to communicate".

We are making provision for this in the price.

The Opal measures approx. 29.55 x 19.06 x 5.65 mm.

The overall measurements of the pendant are 48.45 x 29.84 mm.

Image of item JE29b of Jewellery from  the online shop

Item #JE29b

This opal is also one of our "Old Deep 4 Mile Field" finds and is many years old. It is part of our collection. The colour play runs throughout the Opal which is why Crystal Opal is so rare and popular. The soft green/gold and blue colours do not show up well in the photo. This lovely piece of jewellery can be worn as either a brooch or as a Pendant, depending on the occasion. There are a total of 32 diamonds of varying sizes in the bale and alongside the Opal.

Introductory offer AUD: $9,950

Special Offer (opal set in reverse) AUD: $8,800


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Item #JE30a

Item # JE30

Collectible Item. We have proudly made a popular Postcard of this Pendant.

Huge and outstanding, this magical Opal is set in 18k gold with 11 large Diamonds of graduated size. Again, the Diamonds are guaranteed of "Non Conflict" origin. The total weight of the Diamonds is .92ct, almost 1 carat.

The Opal itself measures approx. 38.13 x 23.49 mm.

The overall measurements of the pendant are 57.34 x 29.75 mm.

Image of item JE30b of Jewellery from  the online shop

Item #JE30b

The bright and light green and gold colours of the opal are enhanced by the soft touches of blue and purple. It is a stunning piece of jewellery and we are proud to be able to offer it to you. This item is pretty well irreplaceable.

Introductory offer AUD: $16,500